Weather at the beginning was good, quiet. Cries of blackbirds, and the neighborhood in swamps something alive droned pitifully, as if the barrel of an empty bottle. Handed a woodcock, and a shot at it sounded in the spring air and rolling fun. But. When it was dark in the woods, blew inappropriately from the east cold piercing wind, all was quiet. Stretched across the pools of ice needles, and has uncomfortable in the woods, remote, and lonely. Whiff of winter. Ivan Wielkopolski, a student at the Theological Academy, the son of a deacon, returning home from shooting, walked all the time the water-meadows along the path. He has a stiff fingers, and burning with the wind face. He felt that this sudden cold weather destroyed the order and agreement that the nature scary, and why the evening darkness was falling more rapidly than usual. Everything was deserted and peculiarly gloomy. Only the widow of the gardens near the river a light, far from the same range and where was the village, over three miles away, All round was plunged in the cold evening mist. The student remembered that when he left the house, his mother, sitting in the hallway on the floor, barefoot, cleaning the samovar, and his father lay on the stove and coughing, it was Good Friday nothing had been . Boiled, and longed to have. And now, establishing relationships-•. mayas from the cold student thinking about what exactly that-. Coy, the wind was blowing and Rurik, and John Grose Mr. and under Peter, and that they had exactly the same desperate poverty, hunger, and the same thatched roofs with holes, ignorance, misery, the same desolation around, the darkness, a sense of oppression - all these horrors have been, are and will and the fact that a thousand years, life gets better. And he did not wanted to go home. The gardens were called the widows' because they were kept by two widows, mother and daughter. Fire burning brightly with a crackling sound, throwing out light far around on the plowed land. The widow Vasilisa, a tall, plump woman in a man's coat, standing by and looking thoughtfully into the fire, and her daughter Lusha, a small, pock-marked with a stupid person sitting on the ground, washing a cauldron and spoons. Obviously, just had supper. Heard men's voices, it was the laborers at the river watered the horses. - Here you have winter back again, - said the student, going to the fire .-- Hello Vasilisa started, but immediately recognized him and smiled politely. - I did not know, God bless you, - she said .-- God Tym be. Talked. Vasilisa, a woman of experience, serving at one time the Lord in mother, and then nannies expressed delicately, and with her face all the time went soft, sedate smile, her daughter Lukerya, a peasant woman, beaten by her husband, only squinted at the student and said nothing, and her expression was strange, like a deaf mute. - Similarly, in the cold night warmed himself the apostle Peter, - said student, holding his hands to the fire .-- So, then it was cold. Oh, what that was a terrible night, Grandma! An utterly dismal long night! He looked round at the darkness, shook his head and asked: I suppose you were at the Twelve Gospels? Was - answered Vasilisa. If you remember, during the Last Supper Jesus, Peter said: "With you I ready and in prison and to death. "And the Lord answered him thus:" I tell you, Peter, crows today loops, that is, a cock, as you three deny that thou knowest me. "After the supper Jesus went through the agony of death in the garden and prayed, and poor Peter was weary in spirit and faint, his eyelids were heavy and he could not struggle against sleep. Slept. Then you heard: Judas That same night kissed Jesus and betrayed his tormentors. Its bound to the the high priest and beat Him, while Peter, exhausted, worn out with grief and anxiety, understand, not awake, sensing that is about to happen on earth something terrible was going after ... He passionately, without loved Jesus and now seen from a distance, as he was beaten ... Lukerya left the spoons and fixed stare at the student. - They came to the high priest, - he continued - Jesus was question, and meantime the laborers had kindled a fire in the yard, because It was cold, and warmed themselves. They stood near the fire, Peter and also warmed as I am doing. One woman, seeing him, said: "And this was with Jesus," then is that it supposedly should lead to questioning. And all the laborers that were the fire must be suspicious n looked sternly at him, because that he was embarrassed and said: "I do not know him." A little while after again someone recognized him as one of his disciples and said: 'And you of them. "But he again denied. And the third time someone said to him: "Do not You Do Today, I saw him in the garden? "the third time he denied it. And then once immediately the cock crowed, and Peter, looking afar off at Jesus, remembered the words that he said to him in the evening ... I remember, came and went from the yard and bitterly wept. The Gospel says: "And isshed won, Plaka bitterly." I imagine it: still, still, dark, dark garden, and in the stillness, faintly audible, smothered sobbing ... The student sighed and sank into thought. Still smiling, Vasilisa suddenly sob, tears, large, abundant, trickled down her cheeks, and she screened sleeve face from the fire, as if ashamed of his tears, and Lusha, looking still a student, blushed, and her expression became serious, tense, as a person who is enduring intense pain. Workers returning from the river, and one of them riding a horse was already close, and the light from the fire quivered upon him. Student of the widows calm night and went on. And again the darkness, and began to suffer from cold hands. Doole cruel wind, in fact, returned the winter, and did not look like that the day after Easter. Now the student was thinking about Vasilisa: she began to cry, it means that all what happened on that terrible night with Peter, is to her something to do with ... He looked around. The solitary light was still gleaming in the darkness, and near it now could not see people. The student thought again that if Vasilisa had shed tears, and Her daughter had been troubled, apparently, what he has just told me that happened nineteen centuries ago, is relevant to the present - to both women and, probably, to the desolate village, to himself, to all people. The old woman had wept, not because he knows how pathetic to tell, but because Peter was near to her, because her whole being interested in what happened in Peter's soul. And joy suddenly stirred in his soul, and he even stopped at moment to catch his breath. The past - he thought - associated with this unbroken chain of events flowing from one another. And it seemed that he had just seen both ends of this chain: touched one end, as other quivered. When he crossed * on the ferry across the river and then, rising to hill, looked at his native village and to the west, where a narrow streak of light cold crimson sunset, I thought that truth and beauty which had guided human life there in the garden and courtyard of the high priest, continued continuously to this day, apparently, have always been important in human life and in general on the ground, and the feeling of youth, health, strength - He was only 22 years - and the inexpressible sweet expectation of happiness, unknown mysterious happiness, took possession of him little by little, and life seemed to him enchanting, beautiful and full of lofty meaning.